Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unexpected Makeup Shopping

Yesterday I went to Walgreens after work. I had a kinda rough week. I wanted to go out and buy some chocolate. I figured I could come home and veg out for the night. Eat some chocolate and forget about my trouble. I picked up some Kisses, chocolate covered peanuts, and chocolate covered raisins. Yum! I also picked up a magazine (Lucky) because the line was ridiculously long!

Then they opened up the register in the cosmetics department. And I went there to check out. So did half the line. I found myself in front of the Wet and Wild display. And I got a few things. Not just because I was standing in line. That did kinda push me over the edge though. But because a few friends had recommended some of these things. Here is what I got.

I bought some Mega Eyes in Naked (brown) and Wicked (black). They are nice colors. I was a little shocked with the color, because it is a strong color for the price. Much stronger than CoverGirl. They also have some shimmer in them. But not a whole lot. I like the black one especially. Something special for a night out. Which I used. Because I met my friends for dinner last night. I added it to a light pink eyeshadow that I already had. It looked really nice.

I bought an Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette in Paradise Cove. They are more neutral colors with purples and mauves. Also some light pinks. I absolutely love this for the price! The compact also has a large mirror on the bottom. I think this would be nice when you are traveling. It is a nice compact that you can use in many different ways.

I also picked up one of the Mega Glo Illuminating Powders in Catwalk Pink. The 2 outer colors are shimmery. And the 2 middle colors are matte. I think this will be nice to add a little something special to my face on a night out. I am also thinking that you could use the individual strips of color as an eyeshadow. But I really like the colors. There is a nice light pink that I think will look nice as an eyeshadow. And a brown that you can use as a bronzer color. Very cool!

I also couldn't resist one of my favorite things, Watermelon Lip Smackers. I actually lost mine at work this week. There was a display thing right next to the register. With only 1 watermelon one left. I got it!

The last thing I bought was this Eco Tools brush set. It was about $12. I can't really remember. And I am being lazy. I don't want to go get the receipt from my purse. I like the eye brushes a lot. But the big powder brush, I don't like it! Whatever the brushes are made out of, it is too heavy of a material to be good for powder or blush. It could just be me, but I don't like that one brush.

I bought all these things to just try out and have fun. I'm no makeup expert. But these were just a fun buy. Something to play with. The brushes are nice. You can't really go wrong for $12. I had 3 friends recommend them. Mostly because of the eyeliner brush. Which I tried out last night. It made putting on my Jane gel liner very easy. Much more than the brush it came with!

The other things I bought were just to have a little fun. I hear some of my friends talking about this. Manders is a makeup artist and she is always suggesting different makeup products. She tries to give us drugstore suggestions too! Which I really appreciate. Littlebit also shares with me a variety of makeup knowledge. From Estee Lauder to ELF. I like that she is always looking for good products and doesn't care if a good product cost $1 and you can buy it a Target. Or if it is a $40 product from MAC. I like that she just shares her wisdom. ~Nat