Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Long Day

Today was such a long day! The kids were all super hyper. I guess it is just a perk to working with preschoolers. But I was very happy when I got to leave today. Not that I don't love them. But after 10 hours, it is nice to get to leave. To find some quiet time. I came home and took a nice long warm bath. Then took Pinky for a walk as we waited for our pizza to be delivered. Because I just couldn't bring myself to cook tonight! :)

I had to study. I have a test tomorrow. But I honestly didn't mind. It wasn't that bad. And right now, I have More to Love on. Since it started, I have watched it off and on. Not really keeping up with the story. But I am glad he picked Talia. I remember her from the first episode. They seem very happy together! Makes me believe in love all over again!

Now, I need to get to bed. I have to be up early. I am taking my grandma to the doctor. And I have a test at school. Then to the preschool for new adventure with the kids! They keep me on my toes! ~Nat