Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Sunday

Today my family and I are spending the day together. This weekend has already seemed very busy. But we are all going to spend the day together. My grandparents are especially excited about the day.!We are all going to go to church together. And out to breakfast afterward. It is a real treat for all of us to go together! And to get to hear the mariachi while we eat!

The rest of the day, we will be at my parents' house. My mom and I are going to cook. And I think we are going to have other family around as well. I like days like this. There aren't really any plans. You just kinda go with the flow.

The one thing that I am really, really excited about is sitting and talking with my grandparents. I love the stories they tell. I feel like I am back in time with them. It is just a nice connection to have. I suppose we will all get there some day. But I hope to get to hear many more of their stories before God calls them home.

I should get going. I still need to shower and get ready. Before heading to my parents' to help them with my grandparents. But I hope you have a Happy Sunday! ~Nat